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The Economy and Everything in Santa’s Bag for 2024


In this episode, Casey Seymour interviews Richard Posson about his podcast and analysis services. They discuss the Outlook for the overall economy in 2024, with Richard expressing optimism and bullishness. They also cover the Outlook for gold, the dollar index, global stock markets, real estate trends, inflation, and commodities. Richard shares his insights and observations based on his analysis method, which includes business cycles and other types of analysis. Overall, Richard provides a comprehensive overview of various economic indicators and offers his perspective on the future of the economy and financial markets.


  1. Rich Posson analyzes the economy and financial markets through his podcast and paid services, The Critical Point Podcast  
  2. He is optimistic and bullish on the stock market and economy in 2024 despite concerns about politics and social problems. 
  3. Rich’s analysis method includes business cycles and other types of analysis, allowing him to track market trends and provide forecasts. 
  4. He sees potential opportunities in gold, the dollar index, global stock markets, and real estate while also discussing the impact of inflation on commodities.


01:33 Introduction and Overview

01:56 Rich Posson’s Podcast

02:47 Rich Posson’s Analysis Method

03:44 Rich Posson’s Services

05:12 Outlook for 2024

06:40 Optimism for the Stock Market

07:44 Change in Outlook for Gold

11:17 Outlook for the Dollar Index

13:07 Outlook for Global Stock Markets

18:30 Real Estate Market Trends

22:49 Inflation and Commodities

27:42 Contractual Pricing in the Lumber Industry

30:49 The Changing Mindset on Inflation

32:38 Conclusion and Contact Information

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