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Stock Market Weekly Update Jun 08 A Journey

The business cycle model forecast for 2023-24. Watch this video that was presented to subscribers. US stock market, bitcoin, dollar, oil, interest rates, bonds, gold, and the economy. See past results of the model labeling, tracking and timing of the […]


PMIs Suggest US Economy Contracted in May

However, the business cycle model shows the PMIs bottomed long-term. A rise above 50.0 signals economic growth. PMIs should return to positive correlation to US GDP suggesting economic growth. This should be supportive of the model forecast for growth and […]


Stock Market Business Cycles Working

Biz Cycle performance SP500 stocks: 2009 correctly called bottom to today= +511%. 2020 Mar 25 called bottom to today= +82%. Oct 12 2022 called bottom to today= +17%. Calculated from lowest price of a cycle. Three types of business cycle […]


Inflation Rolls- Stock Market Soars

The October CPI inflation rate released November 10 was 7.8% from prior year. Interest rates dropped as investors panicked to buy bonds. The stock market surged on the news. The business cycle model turned long-term bullish the stock market a […]


2022 Bear Market

It was late 2021 when the business cycle model opinion forecast a bear market for US stocks during 2022. The model also called for a setback in PMIs that correlate with the GDP of the US economy. Overall, the model […]


Acreage Report Sets Corn On Fire

When corn won’t pop it may explode.USDA showed lower corn and bean acres than the average trader guess. A price surge is underway.Minutes before the report I told subscribers and followers (for free) that a basket of indicators leaned toward […]

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