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Inflation 1775-2022

Inflation since 1775. Spikes above 5% lasted about a year. Less often were 3 years. And 1970s was an odd period. Mostly transitory. #inflation #InflationReductionAct Super cycles and long-term cyclical patterns (not shown) are similar as those used in the […]


Celebration Time

A celebration today.The SP500 stock index met the next bull market target.More fluctuations within a lengthy bull market -to come.The business cycle model will show the time and degree of importance of fluctuations. Assists short-term to long-term.Do you have a […]


Day to Day Inflation Nears Fed’s 2.0%

The daily inflation is 2.39% versus about 11.0% a year ago. The government’s CPI inflation for May was 4.0% versus about 8.0% the year prior. It seems that the biz cycle model is correct for lower inflation, it forecasts […]


Stock Market Weekly Update Jun 08 A Journey

The business cycle model forecast for 2023-24. Watch this video that was presented to subscribers. US stock market, bitcoin, dollar, oil, interest rates, bonds, gold, and the economy. See past results of the model labeling, tracking and timing of the […]


PMIs Suggest US Economy Contracted in May

However, the business cycle model shows the PMIs bottomed long-term. A rise above 50.0 signals economic growth. PMIs should return to positive correlation to US GDP suggesting economic growth. This should be supportive of the model forecast for growth and […]